22 de junho de 2020

Chamada aberta internacional | Open Call | Convocatoria Abierta
Artistic Director
Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro

May 2020

The submission deadline for the international South American call for applications for the position of artistic director of Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro (MAM Rio) was June 7, 2020. One hundred applications were received, which are now being sorted and forwarded for evaluation by a technical committee of artists, curators, managers of art and cultural institutions, and representatives of the International Council of Museums (ICOM Brazil) and the Brazilian Institute of Museums (IBRAM).

The 100 applications involve a total of 112 individuals, since some were submitted by pairs or groups. Of the 112 individuals participating in the selection process, 62 are female and 50 are male. One very encouraging aspect of the response to this call for applications is its geographical scope. The 91 applicants from Brazil come from the North,
Northeast, Southeast, and South of the country, as well as the Federal District.

Other applications, including Brazilians and South Americans, were submitted from Germany (1), Argentina (6), Chile (1), Colombia (1), Costa Rica (1), the United Arab Emirates (1), Spain (1), France (2), Hong Kong (1), Mexico (2), Portugal (1), and the United Kingdom (2). As part of its transformation process, MAM Rio is keen to attract professionals and partners whose experience and knowledge can help us develop new forms of action: renewing our artistic, digital, educational, and community outreach activities, forging new ties with the city, and innovating in terms of our social
impact and even our economic sustainability.

Transforming means making the museum more open, more socially attuned, more welcoming, sustainable, digital, experiential, and human. The aim is to enable more fluid interactions between different forms of artistic expression,
breaking down boundaries and fostering integration between poetic programs and genres.

The new artistic director(s) will be in charge of curatorship activities, with responsibility for managing the museum’s visual arts and film collections and archives, and for the projects and events run by the film, documentation, and
education departments, as well as the partnership with Capacete for the international artistic residency program. That is why the selection process is so exacting and will be run in two separate stages.

In the first evaluation phase, the members of the internal (deliberative) committee and the technical (advisory) committee are responsible for selecting up to five candidates to go through to the second stage, according to their
fulfillment of the following criteria:

• alignment with the MAM Rio institutional transformation process;
• in-depth understanding and knowledge of modern and contemporary art
and culture;
• interpersonal and communication skills to establish dialogue in the sector;
• ability to develop an innovative program capable of attracting new and
diverse audiences;
• track record and breadth of experience for the management and
integration of the different areas of the museum;
• engagement with contemporary social agendas.

To protect the privacy of the candidates and ensure the fairness of the process, we will maintain the confidentiality of information on the applicants throughout. The names of the members of the evaluation committees will be published
together with the notification of the final result.

The candidates shortlisted for the position will be given three weeks to submit a detailed project for the artistic direction of MAM Rio. For this, they will receive a payment of R$ 1,000.00 (one thousand reais) via PayPal within 30 days of the end of the selection process.

All the candidates in the second stage will be assured the opportunity to give an oral presentation of their project in a videoconference, including a question-and-answer session.

MAM Rio is committed to making diversity a core parameter of its people management policy. We will make every effort to avoid any form of gender, race, or class discrimination in the selection process. In this selection process,
professionals who self-identify as black, indigenous, female, non-binary, disabled, or from another disadvantaged group will be favored in any tie-break situation.

The result of the open call for applications for a new artistic director of MAM Rio will be announced at an event, yet to be decided, and published on this website. On this occasion, MAM Rio will also publish the winning project proposal, justify the selection made, and confirm its commitment to implementing the project.